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Gerbz LLC is a transparent lifestyle business incubator. We're sharing what we learn as we validate our process for evaluating and transforming ideas into successful businesses.

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Announcing The 6% Solution

I’m happy to announce the first product to come out of Gerbz LLC will be The 6% Solution (6PS).  6PS is actually 9 years in the making!  Talk about launch early and launch often!? =)  The reality is, 6PS is a product I built for myself from my own personal desire to become a better, more focused stock trader.  I never planned on building the product, it just evolved organically to the point where it couldn’t be ignored. So today we launch into private beta.  The goals of the beta are as follows:
  • Ensure the 6PS methodology makes clear sense to its readers
  • Ensure the methodology and product provide a high level of value
  • Collect questions and feedback on the product to start building the FAQ
  • Collect Quotes/Testimonials to use on landing pages
  • Start building a list of potential customers for launch
  • Enlist influencers to help promote 6PS when we launch
Our goal for the beta is: To illicit feedback from (at least) 20 people;  10 target users, 10 influencers. We’re looking for a wide range of beta users.  Everyone from people who have never traded a stock before, to experienced professional traders.  If you or someone you know might be interested, please visit to signup.