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Gerbz LLC is a transparent lifestyle business incubator. We're sharing what we learn as we validate our process for evaluating and transforming ideas into successful businesses.

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6PSBMLFB1 Results

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I took my landing pages live on 10/18/13 and began driving traffic on 10/23/13. I sit here today on 11/18 a full month after launching armed with enough data to decide whether preserve or pivot.  Let’s revisit the questions I set out to solve one by one. Can I reach my target customers using online advertising? […]

Power Editing My First Facebook Campaign

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I remember playing with Facebook advertising a while back and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much its evolved. To setup the ads and manage this campaign I used the Facebook Power Editor which is an offline tool that runs in Google Chrome. It’s certainly not the easiest tool to use, but it gets […]

Testing LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

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I wasn’t planning on throwing LinkedIn advertising into the mix as part of my first round of testing 6PS but I was lured by a $50 free advertising coupon code. Gets me every time. The first step was to create a company page for 6PS. I had one for Gerbz LLC but I didn’t want […]

Patching A Leak In My Sales Funnel

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After getting (what I believe to be) incredible results with Promoted Tweets I realized there was a leak in my funnel. Of the 21 people who exchanged their contact info for my eBook during the Twitter campaign, only 6 of them actually downloaded it (28%)! I know this because of the way I designed my […]

Driving Traffic With Promoted Tweets

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A week ago I began driving traffic to my new product pages for the first time. At this stage I’m really looking to optimize my funnel and landing pages. So as far as driving traffic is concerned, the goals are simple: drive as much traffic, as quickly as possible for the cheapest price. That way […]

Experimenting On The Google Adwords Display Network

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Google has been sending me emails with a promocode for a free $150 of Adwords spending when I spend $50. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to dip my toe into online advertising and begin driving prospects to my site. To be honest I’m more interested in stats regarding my landing pages and conversions than I […]


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After building an MVP, running a beta, learning as much as possible about my customers it’s time to kick off the first phase of customer acquisition. In terms of “Lean Startup” methodology and “Innovation Accounting” goes, this is going to be my first pass at the Build, Measure, Learn feedback loop. As for documenting the […]

Endless Assumptions

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Armed with an idea for a new business, it’s easy to get excited about the potential. The reality is, your idea is probably built on a shaky foundation of assumptions that we need to validate before investing too much time/money. Our weapons for validating assumptions include research, customer development and experimentation. As part of my […]

Defining Your Customer

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Its hard to admit, but the reality is I did a pretty poor job of defining my target customer for 6PS out the gate. I didn’t even write anything down, but if I had it would look something like this: My target customer is a 20-50 year old male who has some experience trading stocks […]

Fix For Pinterest On Hover Pins In WordPress

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Having trouble getting the Pinterest On Hover Pin to line up properly on your WordPress site? Turns out it’s due to that pesky WordPress Admin Toolbar. Here’s how to fix it: Log into your WordPress Site Hover over “Users” on the left and click on “Your Profile” Uncheck the box that says “Show Toolbar when […]