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Gerbz LLC is a transparent lifestyle business incubator. We're sharing what we learn as we validate our process for evaluating and transforming ideas into successful businesses.

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Structure Of A Great Pitch

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Here’s an example of our Mad Libs strategy for structuring a great pitch. It incorporates the product, customer, and unique value proposition all into on simple sentence. The format is:    Company/Product Name     helps    Target Customer       Solve This Problem     by    The Secret Sauce    For our new product, our pitch looks like this: 6PS helps […]

Building An Opt In eBook Download Flow

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I needed to create a flow for customers to trade me their email address in exchange for the 6PS eBook. A key requirement for me was that the process also added the customer to my Campaign Monitor email list which is also Opt In (meaning they need to click a link in an email before […]

Announcing The 6% Solution

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I’m happy to announce the first product to come out of Gerbz LLC will be The 6% Solution (6PS).  6PS is actually 9 years in the making!  Talk about launch early and launch often!? =)  The reality is, 6PS is a product I built for myself from my own personal desire to become a better, more […]


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In 2007 we founded our first company with the goal of inventing a new industry and changing the world.  The startup lifestyle was the perfect fit with my personal goal of founding my first company at any cost.  It had been my dream to become an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. In […]


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It’s so easy to become infactuaded with today’s flowing streams of endless instant gratification. The overall value of consuming amounts to very little when compared to similiar amounts of creation. I suppose it’s because consuming feels so much easier; even passive. Don’t be fooled into thinking consumption is required to learn. Creation is the ultimate […]


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After my first day of work here in Ubud, Bali Indonesia I’m proud to announce that the Gerbz website is built! Sure, we’re a long way from reaching our goals, but building momentum is important if we want to achieve our mission: to transparently build and validate a process for transforming ideas into successful businesses. […]