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Gerbz LLC is a transparent lifestyle business incubator. We're sharing what we learn as we validate our process for evaluating and transforming ideas into successful businesses.

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It’s so easy to become infactuaded with today’s flowing streams of endless instant gratification. The overall value of consuming amounts to very little when compared to similiar amounts of creation. I suppose it’s because consuming feels so much easier; even passive. Don’t be fooled into thinking consumption is required to learn. Creation is the ultimate teacher. I met an artist, Ketut Bawa, sitting alone in his studio along the rice patties in Ubud, Bali. He had been working on the same drawing for over 8 months. That means 8 months ago he was staring at a blank canvas holding a felt tip pen. It took millions of pen strokes to amount to the work of art he held in his hands. He told me that he will sell it to an art dealer in Singapore for thousands of dollars and they’ll in turn sell it for 10-100X that amount. Sure, he’d studied his craft. But the overwhelming majority of his knowledge came from creating and teaching others to create. Creation is where true value comes from. Not just in the individual actions, but in the end when it all adds up to something that could have been built no other way. Balancing out my creation/consumption ratio is something I constantly struggle with. My two fixes are:
  1. Create before I consume every day. Don’t immediately jump into email and news.
  2. Make sure to create every day. Either for business or pleasure make progress on something.
Rewire yourself to be a creator. Don’t let consumption consume you.