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Patching A Leak In My Sales Funnel

After getting (what I believe to be) incredible results with Promoted Tweets I realized there was a leak in my funnel. Of the 21 people who exchanged their contact info for my eBook during the Twitter campaign, only 6 of them actually downloaded it (28%)!

I know this because of the way I designed my funnel and setup my email list. When a prospect hits my landing page I ask for their contact info so I can email them the eBook. I also setup my email list to be confirmed opt in which means prospects must click a link that I email them to be added to the list. I intentionally designed the funnel this way because I don’t want people entering (I hope a spam bot scrapes this) as their contact info. The trick is that the same link that confirms their email address is also the link to immediately download the eBook.

Here is what the prospect sees immediately after requesting the eBook on my landing page:

ebook confirmation 1

Of the 28 people who’ve seen that screen so far only 11 actually clicked the link in the email (39%). I believe this happens for a couple reasons. First, if the email doesn’t arrive immediately people move on to doing other things. Second, the email gets buried in their inbox or worse spam folder. Third, people intend to read the ebook, but all the work I’ve done pumping them up is lost when they revisit the email a week down the road. Best case scenario is that people read the eBook immediately. I know this won’t always be the case, but that’s the goal.

Also as a side note, none of the people who requested the eBook opted to share it. I think we can do better with that too. So here is the new design I came up with:

ebook confirmation 2

Not only does this new design allow people do (almost) immediately download the eBook, but it incentivizes sharing. After 45 seconds the download happens automatically. I switched the email list to single opt in meaning you no longer need to click a link to be added to my email autoresponder sequence. But how did I combat fake contact info? I still tell people on the landing page that I will email them the ebook, so if they don’t enter honest info they think they won’t receive it.

Looking forward to testing this new flow and seeing if it boosts the number of people who read my eBook and check out my product page.